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A goal without a plan is just a wish.

Bariatric Surgery To Help Put You On The Path For a Longer And Better Life

One of the best ways to lose weight is through bariatric surgery. Those who are serious about losing weight need to consider bariatric surgery in conjunction with obesity. Clifton Thomas MD can assist you with all weight loss surgeries, including bariatric sleeve gastrectomy and bariatric bypass.

But first, what exactly is a weight loss surgeon?

Generally, weight loss surgeons are trained in general surgical specialties such as thoracic, cardiovascular, colorectal, and plastic surgery. Due to the fact that bariatrics deals with bariatric surgery, weight loss surgeons may also be called bariatric surgeons or obesity doctors.

The founders of Clifton Thomas MD in Fondren in TX have been helping patients lose weight for over 21 years.

We believe that weight loss surgeons are not miracle workers – you can’t simply walk up to them and get bariatric surgery without any preparation or planning. You need to be your weight loss surgeon’s partner in this process because they cannot do it alone!

Why do you need a weight loss surgeon for bariatric surgery?

In order to ensure that bariatric surgery is effective, weight loss surgeons work closely with bariatric patients. As part of your consultation with Clifton Thomas MD, they will help you decide on the best bariatric surgery for you and what kind of diet and exercise regimen will help you achieve your goals. 

These are just a few reasons why bariatrics must have not only a primary care physician but also a weight loss surgeon who can guide them through this process.

Weight loss surgeons like Clifton Thomas MD in Harris County are bariatric experts, so they know just how much weight their patients need to lose before getting bariatric procedures done. 

This is why it’s essential that you only see a weight loss surgeon if you’ve tried dieting or exercising on your own, but nothing seems to work as far as losing any extra weight goes. In other words, don’t go running off to get a bariatrics sleeve gastrectomy if there haven’t been several weeks of trying out diets first.

Weight loss will take longer for those who have been overweight or obese for years. Everyone has a different body type, which is why bariatric surgery is not for everyone either – you may need a bariatric sleeve or bypass.

How can a weight loss surgeon help with your diet and exercise plan?

Weight loss surgeons know just how much food their patients need to eat each day so that they don’t feel hungry all the time or lose any of those pounds too quickly! They’ll also check out whether you’re exercising enough because it goes hand-in-hand with losing weight.

Clifton Thomas MD in Harris County will do everything possible to make sure that bariatrics procedures are safe for you. Their goal is not only to help you get rid of obesity but prevent it from ever coming back again, as other surgeries might cause. 

So that no complications arise after bariatric surgery, you need to check out all aspects of your health, such as blood pressure and family history.

What are some benefits associated with bariatric surgery?

You might not think much will happen after bariatric sleeve gastrectomy, but in reality, weight loss surgeons, like Clifton Thomas MD in Harris County, know what exact changes they’re going to see before their patients do! 

For example, people who have bariatric procedures experience less acid reflux which means no more waking up at midnight with pain and discomfort.

Aside from better energy levels, back pains disappear, depression lessens or completely disappears, and bariatric patients generally feel better! Those who undergo bariatric surgery not only lose weight, but also gain a new lease on life.

What should you know before going into bariatric surgery?

Weight loss surgeons don’t want to scare their patients away, but there is one important thing they need to tell everyone who wants bariatric procedures done: there are no shortcuts to weight loss. 

You could have bariatric sleeves or bypasses and still gain the weight back if you’re not careful with what you eat afterward because these won’t change how much food goes through your digestive system right now. 

After bariatric surgery, whether it’s just losing some excess weight or ending up in bariatric surgery in the first place, it all depends on you. We will ensure that you receive the best treatment throughout the process by using Clifton Thomas MD in Fondren TX.

Be open and transparent with Clifton Thomas MD when it comes to your surgery to guarantee a safe and successful procedure.

What are the risks associated with being overweight or obese?

It’s best to consult with a weight loss surgeon like Clifton Thomas MD before things get worse if you’re overweight or obese. Heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure are just a few of the risks associated with the lifestyle.

There are also long-term risks that come with bariatrics, such as weight regain, which is why you need to work closely with your bariatric surgeon during the entire process of losing weight because not everyone has the same body type either. 

What if they gain some weight back after a bariatric sleeve gastrectomy? Once that happens, they will have another bariatric procedure done, but this time around, their chances of success will be higher.

You might not think bariatric procedures are for you, but bariatric sleeve gastrectomy or bypasses could change your life if you stick to them. 

Wrapping Up

The bariatric weight loss surgeon, Clifton Thomas MD, knows what bariatric surgery will do for you and how it’s going to happen because they went through the entire process themselves!

In other words, bariatric surgeons can help their patients with diet changes, exercise programs, and psychological support before, during, and after bariatric surgery. Having your bariatric weight loss surgeon by your side will reduce your fears and nervousness about bariatric surgery. You’ll have nothing but success if you work closely together.

If you’re interested in learning more about choosing an excellent bariatric weight loss surgeon, then Clifton Thomas MD can help! We’ll help you out with choosing the right surgeon and facilitating you through a safe and successful procedure that guarantees the best benefits for you.

To know more about Bariatric Surgery with weight loss surgeons in Fondren, TX, call 713-936-0777 now!


Frequently Asked Questions

Bariatric surgery, sometimes called weight loss surgery, is a surgical procedure designed to help people lose weight after trying unsuccessfully to lose weight through diet and exercise.
Most insurance policies cover some form of bariatric surgery. However, not every bariatric surgery procedure is covered by insurance. You should review your policy to check the procedures and requirements needed to have your bariatric procedure covered by insurance.
Bariatric surgery is safe. However, it’s important to note that if you choose to have weight-loss surgery, it will be an elective procedure and you should consider the risks of these procedures before making your decision. Bariatric surgery is not for everyone. It should only be considered as a last resort after other weight-loss methods have failed.
Bariatric surgery may be a good idea for individuals who need help losing excess weight and reducing their risk of life-threatening weight-related issues. It can be an effective long-term solution when alternative weight loss solutions fail.