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Bariatric & Hiatal Hernia Reflux Surgery

Hiatal Hernia Repairs

The first thing to do after you have experienced the symptoms of a hiatal hernia is to find a good Hiatal Hernia Surgeon such as Dr. Clifton Thomas. Our specialists will be able to assess the extent of your condition with various diagnostic tests. A barium swallow will also allow the surgeon to examine your esophagus. Also a specialized X-rays will be needed to determine the exact location of the hernia. In some cases, a procedure called an endoscopy is used to diagnose the condition.

 Depending on the severity of your hernia, you may need surgery. Thus, if your symptoms are interfering with your daily life, you may need to see a Hiatal Hernia Surgeon to get the best possible treatment. However sometimes a hiatal hernia does not require any surgery, but it can lead to serious complications if it is not treated. You should not wait until the symptoms have worsened to get the proper treatment

After your consultation, Dr. Clifton Thomas will perform the necessary surgery. After the consultation the procedure will repair the damage done by the hernia. It will require the removal of the affected portion of the stomach and repositioning of the esophagus. Consequently After the surgery, the laparoscope will be removed. After the surgery, your Hiatal Hernia Surgeon should give you a follow-up appointment to ensure that your condition has been corrected. \

Before your hiatal hernia surgery, you must be clear about the risks involved. There are restrictions on how much you should eat or how much activity you should do. such as avoiding lifting heavy objects. Besides the discomfort, you need to pay attention to any symptoms you may experience. Some of the most common side effects of hiatal hernia surgery are coughing, constipation, and nausea.