Dr. Clifton Thomas
Bariatric & Hiatal Hernia Reflux Surgery

What to Expect After Bariatric Surgery

After having bariatric surgery, your body will need several weeks to heal. Your recovery will depend on the type of surgery you have. If your procedure requires a portion of your small intestine to be cut, your recovery will be longer than usual. You will also need to take vitamin supplements after the surgery. You should also expect to have a few months of special dietary requirements after the surgery. You will also need to eat slowly and in small bites.

Before the surgery, you will be asked questions regarding your lifestyle and eating habits. You may also meet with a behavioral health specialist. After your consultation, your surgeon will discuss the lifestyle changes you will need to make after your surgery. Your expectations and the lifestyle changes you are expected to make after the procedure will be discussed with you. It is best to talk with your doctor to understand whether you are ready for this type of procedure. In many cases, you may need to change your diet for at least three months to see the results you are looking for.

After the surgery your stomach holds fewer calories than the old one, and Dr. Clifton Thomas will remove a portion of the organ that produces the hormone “hunger.” This will make you feel fuller, which means a decrease in hunger. You will have a healthier appetite, and your blood sugar levels will be better controlled. This procedure is a quick and safe way to lose weight and improve your overall health.